The 35U began with a vision to inspire the leaders of tomorrow by telling them about the leaders of today. With millions of people involved in government, education, business and community service across the country, it sometimes may be hard for the 35U to connect to leaders individually simply due to an age barrier. The 35U to us is any young adult from the ages of 18-35 in this country. These individuals have a voice – they can vote, serve, and most importantly, they can make a difference for future generations.

Today’s Q&A feature is Regina Vatterott, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of EllieGrid. EllieGrid is an award winning smart pill box company that helps people live healthier and happier lives by making great products. EllieGrid works with a smartphone app and the box is programmed with a responsive light system to tell you what pills you need to take, and how many of them you need. Regina’s responsibilities include overseeing marketing and operations and making sure we stay true to our brand in everything they do. Regina was born and raised in Houston TX where she attended St. Agnes Academy before attending St. Edward’s University in Austin TX. In school, Regina participated in NCAA II Women’s Cross Country and earned Alpha Lambda Delta Honors, Delta Mu Delta Business Honors, and Kappa Gamma Pi Honors Society. She has experience advertising for thousands of independent pharmacies. Regina also ran one of the top 1% of all crowdfunding campaigns across all industries with EllieGrid’s smart pill box, Ellie. She is passionate about using entrepreneurship and innovation to make a positive impact.

Regina is an inspiration to the youth that want to get involved in Entrepreneurship. We caught up with Regina to find out what leadership means to her and what advice she would give to the next generation of leaders.

Why did you choose this career path?

I wanted a way to blend my ‘career’ and my ‘calling’ and found that I could do that in a scalable way through entrepreneurship.

Who inspired you to get involved?

My team. I had personally struggled with medication management but my team encouraged me by helping me believe in myself that it could be done if we worked together.

How do you define a leader?

A leader is someone who inspires others to step up to their own potential.

What projects are you currently involved with in the community that engages the next generation of leaders?

I am a part of various young professionals organizations such as the NextGen Summit and female founders groups such as Hello Alice.

What advice would you give to the next generation of leaders who want to get involved?

You don’t have to have all the answers now. It is more important to be willing to learn new things and put in the hard work.